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Le Guersant

The Guersant is an authentic bistro close to the Palais des Congres Porte Maillot. Since its birth in 1936 nothing has changed in this vintage bistro…except the flat screen usefull on match days.Dominique and Gigi are the bosses who run the Guersant Bistro with an astonishing energy.

You can have a drink at any time up to 23 hours to write memoirs sitting on the bench, to flirt ... and of course, but also savour pleasure to make vibrate his taste buds with a cooking that does not deny its traditional roots. This is a little clue but it is important. Here, the fries are homemade. That's no longer the case in lots of bistros of Paris.

And meat is often from Salers race. The chief, Alan, prepares for example some tabs, some ribs or Tartar steak. L'Andouillette is stamped 5A, the best one. Every day , the chef, Jean-Francois Poulain propose four starters and four diffrents meals. Some examples ? Duck breast, garlic shrimp, rack of lamb with thyme, paprika beef ... After that, it is not so difficult to persuade customers that the routine is not the custom du Guersant.

But at the counter, you can taste some of the best wines of bistros. For example some "crus of Beaujolais" like the Brouilly and others wines of Loire like Chinon and Bourgueil. Lovers of fresh and minerals white wine will appreciate the selection of wines of Mâcon, Quincy, and Chablis wines proposed by the boss, Dominique and its wife, "Gigi".


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Le Guersant

30, boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr
75017 Paris

Phone. (33) 1 45 72 58 53

Closed on Sunday

Menu Lunch time
19 €


Parking free (one hour)

























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